BAH HUMBUG!! (well not really…. read on)

Well here I go, 14 days til’  that dreaded Christmas Day again.  What is it about this damn holiday that makes people so bloody unhappy??  It is so sad that in these days of so called enlightenment that people not only forget but ignore what this is supposed to be all about.  I’m not talking about the obvious religious overtones but just about the spirit of a season that is supposed to be a happy and celebratorious(wow there’s a word) event.  People are so wrapped up in what to get, who’s coming over and generally all of the inane and really inconsequential things that this damn holiday has become, that we have basically caused ourselves to have a miserable and completely stressfull 4 weeks of the year.  Never mind the fact that now that winter has set in and sunlight is at a premium so our bodies are already starving for exercise and vitamin D, lets throw in a financially draining and emotionally painful time that causes more people to feel desperation and loneliess than any real amount of pleasure.  Oh well (sigh)…. I guess my ranting on the subject is probably not making anyone feel any the better but I can tell you this, I truly wish the best of this Christmas season to all my loved ones and friends.  I hope that in the coming year everyone finds happiness and contentment.  I hope in some way we all find better ways to be better human beings and truly help and encourage one another when it’s most needed not just when it is convenient and makes us feel better for doing the deed.  I hope that in the coming months we maybe get a grasp on the fact that we need one another.  Freinds come and go but we keep making new friends to replace the old ones so why not make more of an effort to maintain the relationships we have?  I hope we gain the wisdom to know what is needed of us  and the resolve to see it through when we find out.  I hope we all either maintain or improve on our health because without that everything else doesn’t really matter anyway.  And most of all I hope we all love one another a little more, not because we have to or because we’re family but because there is no better thing than to love in this world and to be loved in return is the best gift any of us could ever hope to receive.  Merry Christmas to all.
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